ClariVein®: The Non-Thermal Vein Ablation System

For 350 years Varicose Veins have been treated with painfull surgical stripping, for 10 years Laser and Radio Frequency took over – now there’s ClariVein® – this is the future of Varicose Vein treatment - now available in Australia and New Zealand.
ClariVein®  is a minimally invasive Endovascular technique for the treatment of  Venous Reflux Disease or Varicose Veins; the procedure was pioneered in the USA along with leading Surgeons from around the world.
This revolutionary device has significant benefits for Clinicians, Patients, and Health Care Providers:
  • Less patient ‘out of pocket’ expenses than other minimally invasive techniques.
  • A  Safe & effective technique with no need for tumescent anesthesia.
  • Eliminates the risk of nerve/skin damage or parathesia (numness) from thermal damage.
  • Excellent results by combining mechanical agitation and proven chemical sclerosants.
  • Ideally suited for treatment of the Great or Small Saphenous Veins.
  • High patient comfort level and acceptance with zero staining observed.
  • Removes the need for catheter / guide wire exchanges, therefore reducing costs and steps.
The patented ClariVein® system combines two unique methods of action:
1. Mechanical agitation of the vessel endothelia (inside of the vein) by a rotating catheter tip.
2. A sclerosant chemical  sprayed from the tip of the catheter as it is withdrawn to ensure maximum effect.